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Handmade Cigars

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

handsIt is well said that the specialty of handmade cigars is incomparable with the machine made items. The same applies to the handmade cigars which are prepared with high precision to deliver attractive appearance, exquisite flavor and rich aroma to offer an exclusive and superior smoking experience for true aficionados. Handmade cigars always hit the top line among the best cigars.
Preparation of the handmade cigars goes through hundreds of steps, starting from plantation of tobacco to harvest and cure it so as to further send it for fermentation and then finally it undergoes rolling and packaging.

First, the tobacco seedlings are planted and tendered throughout to harvest it. Going further, it undergoes a process called curing for 5-6 weeks during which variations of heat and shade are applied to remove sugar and water from tobacco to prevent rotting. This particular process varies from region to region depending upon its climate and the type of tobacco. After this, the tobacco leaves are fermented under distinct conditions so as to prevent them from decaying. This is the most crucial step as the process of fermentation defines aroma, flavor and color of cigar.

Handmade cigars are some of the best cigars you can buy. Unlike machine made cigars, handmade cigars are unique in appearance and flavor. No two cigars will be identical. Handmade cigars embrace the art form of cigar culture. If you’ve never had a handmade cigar, buy a few today and discover the difference they provide.

Cigar Etiquette

Thursday, July 16th, 2009


Did you know that cigar etiquette dictates that every person should light their own cigar? This is because cigars are a lot larger than cigarettes, which makes it harder to control how hard you draw in your first breath. Breathe in too fast or too strongly and you risk burning off the tip of the cigar. By lighting the cigar yourself, you can control the intensity of the smoke and the positioning of the flame.

When you’re sharing a smoking space with people who don’t smoke, be considerate. You don’t need to put your cigar out, but there are things you can do to reduce the amount of smoke and odors. One is tapping the ashes off often, so you don’t accidentally knock them loose over the furniture or clothes. Also, don’t crush the cigar when you finish smoking –It will release even more smoke that way. Instead, just rest it on the ashtray and let it go out on its own (with cigars, it only takes a few seconds).

Finally, it’s fine to inspect cigars before buying them, but upscale shops frown upon their cigars being handled and smelled by customers. Instead, inspect the consistency by lightly holding the cigar and making sure it’s tight and well-built.