Euro Cigars 2

835847_cigarSome say that the reason cigars attracted the attention of Europe, and that European cigars still continue to exercise their fascination on smokers around the world, derive from the fact that they are manufactured by hand. Naturally the first, European cigars were crafted by hand, since there was no machinery available to supplement human labor in the early 17th century. But since then, as mechanical production has invaded all walks of industry, with even some European cigars being rolled by machine, the cigar industry remains sold on hand-rolling. All high-quality cigars are hand-wrapped after undergoing a long process, akin to the fermentation process needed to bring out subtle flavors in wine and spirits.

Some famous European cigar shops are named below:

P.G.C. Hajenius in Amsterdam: over 100 years old and opulently appointed, with a cigar museum.

J.J. Fox in London: offers vintage cigars, but can be a bit expensive.

Boutique 22 in Paris

Estanco Magallanes in Madrid

Linzbach in Dusseldorf: This has an amazing humidor and is also said to have some of the friendliest people.

Le Roi du Cigare in Brussels

So this quick guide to European cigars proves its rich history and popularity around the world.

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