Alcohol and Cigar Smoking

cocktailSome people consider smoking a cigar one of the most indulging pleasures one can afford in his or hers free time. Choosing the ideal cigar brand is an issue in itself, but matching it with the proper drink is a task worth considering. It should be noted, that there is no “right” answer on this matter but it is all down to personal choice. However, there are certain common sense rules.
The first important thing about choosing the right drink for a cigar is the time of the day. If it is 10 in the morning, you should smoke accompanied by a cup of coffee, rather than a scotch or rum. Respectively, in the evening, a type of alcohol should be considered. Second, the alcohol and the cigar should be in a balance with each other. For example, a full-bodied cigar will match an alcohol with a full flavor, like scotch or whiskey; a lighter cigar will go with a rose, white wine or champagne. This way you will find your cigar and drink of the same weight, creating the intended wonderful experience.
But, even though weight is a good technique to match your smoke with your drink, it does not let you explore the great bond that can be created between a cigar and an alcohol or non-alcohol drink. The truly incredible experience comes when the taste of the drink add up to the cigar’s taste, creating a complex synergy of the two flavors. And this feeling is different for everybody. Some people like single malt scotch with a strong flavored cigar. Others prefer a glass of rum, accompanying their smoke.

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