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The Magic of Dunhill Cigars Part 1

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

cigar4Dunhill cigars came into existence a few years back when there was an agreement about the same between the Dunhill Cigar Company and the Cubatobaco Company. There was a lot of controversy regarding the production of these cigars as the two companies in contention were not able to agree on the name to be printed on top of these cigars. Finally, after much deliberation, it was decided that the Dunhill Company would have their name printed on the cigars. The immediate popularity was accorded to the recognition which was already part of Dunhill cigarettes.

There were two types of cigars which were made by the company. The two types were equally popular and they were the Cabinetta and the Estupendos. The former was a flavored cigar which had fruits as its main flavor. Apart from this, there was also honey and nuts as the two accompanying flavors. The Estupendos was more or less like the Cabinetta in taste but had a distinct rich feel to it as compared to the former. The Dunhill cigars made a great splash on the market because of a variety of reasons. First of all was the distinct taste which made them very popular with everyone. Apart from this, the Dunhill cigars were produced in fewer quantities which kept them in demand always. This led to higher prices as a result of which only the rich and famous could afford it. This led to high demand of the cigars.

The Padron Way

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

cigars3The process of manufacturing a fine cigar is an arduous one and can be very hard to complete. A lot of hard working hours need to be inputted before you can get a perfect cigar which will rank among the finest in the world. But before the cigars are made, the first process which requires a lot of concentration and dedication is the process of getting good tobacco cultivation. The tobacco needs to fit the bill so that every cigar can be the best. After the tobacco is cultivated, the next step is to grow the fillers for the cigars. All of these parts of the bigger process are equally important as they all contribute equally to the finesse. When all this is done and the cigars made, the company can now offer them to the customer for ultimate satisfaction.

One of the leading companies in the world, Padron cigars uses these principles to make the best cigars. They have a rigid work ethic which allows them to stay on top of the game every single season. They have an unbeatable combination of great cigars, an even better price and great customer satisfaction which ensures that they have a loyal band of customers every season. Apart from this, they aim to grow their clientele by a huge number every year which is optimized by their continuous urge to get better.

Most of the Padron cigars are smooth to draw and have a medium to strong flavor. They have an irresistible taste which brings back customers asking for more. The best thing about this company is that they have stayed true to their motto of providing quality cigars at an affordable price. Even when the other big names in the cigar manufacturing business were regularly increasing their prices, Padron never hiked their rates. This has allowed them to have their own set of loyal customers who will give up smoking cigars before even thinking of switching to another brand. This helped them to stay in the business while some of the other big names dropped out of the fray due to intense competition. The low price combined with great taste has managed to propel Padron to the top of the business. They believe that the customer is always right and aim at satisfying him rather than earning big profits through exorbitant prices. Padron has managed to stay at the top through an impeccable desire to provide the best cigars at low prices and also bringing out products which are based on the customer’s likes and dislikes.

The Taste of Trilogy Cigars Part 2

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

cigar2The Trilogy cigars wrappers are from an assortment of places like Nicaragua, Brazil and Honduras while the fillers come from different regions of the world. Some of the places which produce the fillers used by the Trilogy brand include Nicaragua, Japan, Italy and Columbia. These cigars are not very concentrated and range from mild-medium in taste. This is perfect for cigar lovers who are just taking their baby steps in this field. There are basically two types of cigars which come from the Trilogy brand. They are the Trilogy Native Cameroon Churchill and Trilogy Native Cameroon Robusto. The former would cost you $80 while the latter is cheaper at $68. Both of them are mild-medium flavored tastes.

If you want to buy these cigars but are unsure of where to look for them, then the best place to check are the numerous websites which sell them. More often than not, there are great discounts and offers going on which will save you some further money on these great Trilogy cigars.

The Taste of Trilogy Cigars Part 1

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

cigar11There are many brands of cigars which are available in the market nowadays. A huge range of cigars are in contention for the top spot depending on the popularity which they enjoy among cigar aficionados. Over the years, the world has seen some great cigar brands which have produced the most exquisite of cigars. But there have been a few companies which have closed down for reasons unknown, like for instance, Dunhill cigars. But on the flipside, the overbearing mélange of cigar brands in the market tends to confuse the connoisseur who tends to be at a loss at deciding which to smoke.

One of the greatest brands of cigars is the Trilogy brand because of a single primary reason. They have managed to come out of the stereotype which threatened to engulf them until a few years back. Most cigar aficionados believe that all the great cigars are made in the Cuban region and all the great cigar companies originate from there but this is not true. Trilogy cigars managed to dispel this false notion ushering in a new world of cigars. They came up with new cigar filler which is in complete contrast to the Caribbean filler but tastes as good. The Trilogy cigar is the brainchild of the Alec Bradley Cigar Company which has brought in a whiff of fresh air which was under threat of being steamrolled by the Cuban cigar companies.

Which is more harmful – Cigars or Cigarettes?

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

cigerretIf you are a smoker, you would be fairly familiar with the dangers of smoking cigars and cigarettes. Even if you do not smoke, then chances are high that you know the dangers of these vices. There are a huge number of warnings which are relayed to us through cigarette packs, television, radio and internet daily. But this does not deter the smoker from smoking and harming his body. There are a number of dangers which can be caused due to smoking, primary among which are lung cancer, oral cancer and throat cancer. There is also an increased risk to non-smokers who do inhale the cigar and cigarette smoke in a second-hand manner. But which is more harmful for you? This has been a debatable point for many years now, with loyalists of both parties staking their claims. But essentially, the answer is that both are harmful and should be avoided.

The risk of contracting all these problems goes up a notch when you smoke regularly. An occasional smoker is less likely to get cancer than a habitual smoker. Research has shown us that the risk of getting these diseases is directly determined by the frequency and the number of cigarettes or cigars you smoke. But most doctors are in compliance with the fact that cigars are much more deadly than cigarettes because of the increased number of carcinogens. Another obvious fact for the increased risk is the bigger size of cigars which are cardinal in risk. Both parties have their own arguments to present. While cigar lovers are let down by the aforementioned reports, they have their own arguments as to why cigarettes are more harmful. Since cigarette smoke is inhaled inside the lungs, there is a greater risk of falling prey to cancers while cigar smoke is not inhaled.

This is why smoking should be done with caution. Cigar smoke is hands down not as harmful as cigarettes, especially because you don’t smoke a pack a day. Everything in moderation.

Understanding Cigar Types

Thursday, July 16th, 2009


Most people assume that cigars come in two types: handmade and factory made. The truth is that there is a third type of cigar available for sale: hand rolled. Handmade and hand-rolled cigars are not the same. Here are some differences to keep in mind when choosing what to buy:

  • Handmade cigars are made with 100 percent tobacco and built completely by hand. A hand-rolled cigar, on the other hand, is actually filled by a machine and then handed over to a roller, who will finish the process by closing and sealing the cigar by hand.

  • Hand-rolled cigars sometimes contain fillers (as do factory-made cigars), which can vary from preservatives to small pieces of paper or a number of chemicals.
  • Handmade cigars are the most expensive kind you can find.
  • Handmade cigars burn more uniformly and much slower. They also may need to be relit if you leave it on the ashtray for some time.
  • Both machine made and hand-rolled cigars may have flavors added, while handmade cigars contain no additives.
  • Top-of-the-line cigars are always handmade. They will be a more appropriate gift for true aficionados and are more likely to be sold as units (since they’re expensive). If you’re trying to build a box mixing a variety of different flavors and textures, handmade cigars are your best bet for variety and quality.
  • Handmade cigars look more “rustic.” Their construction is more uneven than those made with machines.

Cigar Etiquette

Thursday, July 16th, 2009


Did you know that cigar etiquette dictates that every person should light their own cigar? This is because cigars are a lot larger than cigarettes, which makes it harder to control how hard you draw in your first breath. Breathe in too fast or too strongly and you risk burning off the tip of the cigar. By lighting the cigar yourself, you can control the intensity of the smoke and the positioning of the flame.

When you’re sharing a smoking space with people who don’t smoke, be considerate. You don’t need to put your cigar out, but there are things you can do to reduce the amount of smoke and odors. One is tapping the ashes off often, so you don’t accidentally knock them loose over the furniture or clothes. Also, don’t crush the cigar when you finish smoking –It will release even more smoke that way. Instead, just rest it on the ashtray and let it go out on its own (with cigars, it only takes a few seconds).

Finally, it’s fine to inspect cigars before buying them, but upscale shops frown upon their cigars being handled and smelled by customers. Instead, inspect the consistency by lightly holding the cigar and making sure it’s tight and well-built.

5 Things Cigar Lovers Should Never Do

Thursday, July 16th, 2009


Whether you’re a cigar fanatic or somebody just getting into the taste, there are a few things you must never do when buying, storing and smoking a cigar.

  1. Don’t bite off the cap of the cigar or cut the end using scissors. It will smash part of the cigar and make it more difficult to smoke (besides ruining the visual appeal of it). Instead, use a cigar cutter, sold at specialty stores or online.
  2. Don’t use matches to light a cigar –The sulfur of the flame may affect the flavor. Instead, use a lighter.
  3. Don’t keep your cigar in the fridge. The cold, humid air will affect the flavor, texture and burning power. Instead, use a humidor or a wood box and store them in a dark room.
  4. Don’t store partially-smoked cigars with new ones. It may affect the integrity and flavor of the sealed ones. If you can’t finish it, either discard it or buy a special box (known as cigar saver) to store the partially-smoked one.
  5. Don’t assume any drink would go well with a cigar. Depending on the strength, flavor and texture, a cigar may go well with scotch, whisky or martini. Coffee may work well with certain cigars, as can Porto wine and kalhua drinks.

Why Cigar Lovers Should Visit Las Vegas

Thursday, July 16th, 2009


Las Vegas has long been considered the top cigar-smoking city in the US. A place where everything goes, including smoking inside casinos and bars, cigar aficionados will find themselves at ease in Sin City. Many casinos even give out free cigars to players on high-bet tables, and hotels often include them as part of the welcome package for those staying in suites or attending special events.

The Big Smoke Weekend is also held in Las Vegas every November. An event attracting hundreds of fans from around the country, it features seminars, free smoking and drinking opportunities for patrons (included with the entrance fee to the event) and a series of discounts or coupons to take away or shop online.

Visitors to Las Vegas also have a chance to stop by Casa Fuente, a smoking bar located within Caesar’s Hotel and Casino. It features a counter where visitors can enjoy a drink and sample cigars, as well as shop for accessories and unique presents.

3 Great Presents for the Cigar Lover

Thursday, July 16th, 2009


For cigar aficionados, there’s never a bad time to indulge in a cigar-related present. While your mind may immediately go to the idea of buying cigars, the truth is that there are a lot of accessories that can enhance the experience of smoking and make excellent presents. No matter your budget, here are five presents than any cigar lover will appreciate:


Cigar cutters are used to remove the cap or end of a cigar so it can be smoked. Cutters produce different types of removal, using a V shape, a hole punch or a simple, straight cut. Experts sometimes argue that certain types of cutter are better for certain cigars, but the truth is that it’s mostly a matter of preference. Cutters sell for anything from a couple of dollars to several hundreds, depending on design and material.


Good humidors will keep cigars in optimal humidity (68 to 72 percent), in order to prevent cigars from getting ruined by outside conditions. Humidors come in all sizes and shapes and chances are a cigar aficionado will already own one. The key to choosing one as a gift is to buy an additional one as a complement. For example, if you know the person has a large, table-like humidor, you can give a small one as a present, so the receiver can hold a few cigars in a different room.

Cigar Rings

Personalized cigar rings are a great present. Online companies sell them in packs containing different pictures or sayings, or will sometimes personalize them with your own name. For an expensive alternative, consider a company such as Bands O Gold, where bands are made in 24k gold and can be used as a ring once the cigar is gone.