The Advantages of Humidors

cigar12If you are a cigar aficionado then you probably realize the fallacy of letting costly Cuban cigars lying around. They tend to be spoilt due to the moisture in the air and also due to a variety of other weather elements. So, how do you keep them safe by protecting them from the weather? The obvious answer to this is by the use of humidors which are used to keep cigars safe and sound so that they taste as good as they used to when they were freshly bought. The basic method of protection which the humidors provide is through regulation of humidity around the cigars.

The cigar humidors are usually made of costly Spanish cedar which provides the finishing touch to the entire process of smoking an exquisite cigar. At first sight they may look like an ordinary box but they are not so. There are various uses of a humidor. Primarily used for storage of cigars, they may also be used for maintaining and aging of the same. Since they are so beautifully carved, more often than not, cigar humidors are passed from one generation to the next as a family heirloom. The perfect humidity at which cigars should be stored is 68%-72% which would help in maintaining the perfect taste of the cigars. This humidity should be maintained at room temperature which should be around the mid-seventies Fahrenheit.

There is a device called the hygrometer inside the humidor which allows the box to measure the degree of humidity inside. When this is done, the hygrometer maintains the perfect degree of humidity by removing or inserting moisture inside the box. There are some tips which will help you if you are new to the world of cigars and humidors. If you have recently bought a humidor, never commit the mistake of keeping the cigars inside immediately. The humidor has to be seasoned before it is used. The principle which is used out here is that new humidors have not been used. So, the wood which is inside the box would absorb all the moisture to keep itself moistened instead of the cigars. This would result in the drying up of the cigars. The cedar which is commonly used in the humidors is a common example of wood absorbing the moisture. All these tips are very necessary if you want to enjoy the complete beauty of a Cuban cigar. These do not come cheap and neither does the chance to enjoy them!

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